About Us

Our New Identity

Our new identity combines the march of 75 years of professional work in the field of real estate, with its technical and engineering dimensions reflected in our philosophy in real estate sector as a leading national real estate company that bear its responsibilities and obligations toward the sons of their society.

From this standpoint, we were keeping on weaving our new identity profile to be consistent with the spirit of the age, and emphasize at the same time the achievement of our goals toward the participation within active development aimed at  ourselves and others development.
The new art form of our logo design reflects the nature of our job as a new family real estate company, embodying two dimensions, one horizontal and one vertical where the horizontal symbolizes to developing real estate land while the other one symbolizes urban development. As for the three golden columns, it emphasize the strength of our mission and the depth of our progressive vision that work on developing our experiences and expanding  the breadth of our prospects.
At the level of our logo color, it comes in two major colors, blue and gold. The blue color is the symbol of leadership and the richness of the company’ contributions in its work in the field of real estate throughout its history. The color of gold signifies the sophistication to resentments and value inherent in all of the company offered products, solutions and services in the real estate field  that are of high quality and beauty of excellence.
All those dimensions are unified into a geometric form that reflects our new logo and involves all features of our professional values we have built together over 75 years of tireless and distinctive real estate  work.